Analyzing online reviewing of literature and visual arts as a process of cultural education


The Rez@Kultur project conducts theory-informed empirical analyses of online reviews of cultural artefacts: books, works of art, and art exhibitions. The topic is at the crossroad of cultural practice and its reception. The project aims at answering the following research questions that have not been extensively addressed yet: which skills and which knowledge do authors and readers of online reviews acquire through reviewing? How do the actual processes of cultural production in the context of online reviewing work in detail? How do people become involved and active in such processes? And what do the answers to these questions imply for the future development of platforms and services for reviewing, and, more generally, for future cultural education processes?


Project results

Results from an educational theoretical perspective; click here for the video

Results on the use of  language in review texts; click here for the video

Results on the topic of self-thematization; click here for the video

Click here for the video on the variety of topics

The category system

Results from a literary perspective; click here for the Video


The project Rez@Kultur is carried out by the following institutions:

Project management:

Dr. Guido GrafInstitut für Literarisches Schreiben und Literaturwissenschaft, Stiftung Universität Hildesheim,

Research assistants: