Services in fields of action in cultural youth education in the process of digitization


The research project “Offers in cultural youth education in the process of digitization” (AKJDI) is a collaboration between the University of Kassel and Philipps-Universität Marburg.

The project pursues the hypothesis that, with digital media having become an integral part of their everyday lives and practices, adolescents today navigate medial, virtual and digital worlds without a second thought, often interweaving them with their analogue environment. According to this hypothesis, these developments are influencing the range of extracurricular options in cultural education for children and youths in the sense that the options are changing through digitalization itself as digital innovations are implemented, for example. In addition, they are changing young people’s cultural forms of expression, articulations and practices in non-school educational locations and in cultural-aesthetic education services.

The research project will describe and attempt to analyze the changes in the range of services of extracurricular cultural education for young people that are occurring through increasing digitalization, as well as the ways in which adolescents deal with, use and express themselves through these changes. A further aim of the research project is to identify and systematize where and in what forms aesthetic and cultural services in extracurricular youth education are undergoing digitalization, and to record how sponsors and providers of such services see the processes and forms of digitalization. In addition, young actors’ perspectives on cultural education services in the context of their digital everyday realities are examined and “digital” everyday practices in youth culture in non-formal cultural and aesthetic services and the way in which young people use (digital) cultural services observed. The joint project uses both quantitative and qualitative methods to record the points of view of the various actors.

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