The sub-study LINKED examines musical education processes under the conditions of digitally-connected mobile technologies. It takes as its starting point the technology Ableton Link, which allows any mobile technology to be integrated into non-hierarchical WLAN networks. The project focuses on the question of how and under which conditions musical subjectivization processes develop in the context of the formation of digitally-connected communities.

The aims of the sub-study are:
(a) to reconstruct the concepts of subject, community, music and instrument (technology) within digital practice,
(b) to investigate the situational conditions of mixed-reality networks and the discursive constructions of human and non-human actors initiated within them, and
(c) to analyze the forms of self-understanding relevant to this.

The plan is for the results of the sub-study to be incorporated into an empirical model of specific education processes in the context of digital music practices with mobile technologies.

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